love(s) at first sight……

so it happens to everyone…… in their life , in their college , in their schools , in their workplaces , in their neighborhood……..


so , back to the point  , today at the class of autonomous robots, I saw a girl…. she was ok….. I think she was ok….. she was an intelligent girl… today , I realized brain  is the turn on thing for me……. for many looks are the turn on factor, for some eyes are the turn on, figures are for some…. but actually what are these turn on factors ….. I think turn on are the things which we have and what we search in our ideal partner… but it is completely wrong, we should go for someone who understands the feelings not the requirements…..


yes, back to the point….. today I met a girl and I completely fell for her…. she has normal looks but extremely attractive and expressive eyes and  I again don’t know why  I fell for her…. her name is s**** and she is from r******…. she is in electronics and telecommunication engg and I am in computer science engg….  I know nothing is going to happens….. as we both have only and only 5 classes remaining for the robotics and after that we have our annual techfest and once the event is done , we may hardly get anytime to see other as different branches means different complete ecosystem and different something something……

it would be fun what unfolds in these 5 days ….. my only wish is that we may become friends…. as lovers cant we be as I know she is in the world but she doesn’t know I exists… sometimes I hate that I am a spoilt boy and girls generally don’t like spoilt boys as , I think, girls like sincere boys with somewhat good looks but I don’t score much in any such areas…….



PS: she is now friends with my best friend a****… hope there is a fraandship card for me too but I am not as smart as my best friend…. I envy him for his smartness(sometimes)…..

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