first talk…. a beginning of a new friendship…..

today was the day of icebreaker…. I finally gather the strength to talk to her…. I approached her for the compiling software of the automated robot for which she replied she has it in her dorm, for which I replied it’s ok…. then I gather some more  strength and again dared to start talking with her by saying sorry to her as the last time a****  introduced her to me as I was on the call with n*****…. but then it was the session of endless talks from my side, she was just an audience as I was telling her about my adventures in the colleges , in the end I asked her about her adventures in which she replied she had none as if her parents found about her they will scold her and something like that….. man , she is a killer in academics too… she got 8.7 in the 1st sem and I got 8.64 in the first sem….. so she is a proven intelligent one and with the level of questions she used to ask in the robotics class , I found out that she is very inquisitive in nature and I like that attitude as today it is very difficult to find someone who is really interested in something just like me I am not at all interested in robotics, I mean , I am interested in robotics but  on the software side not on the hardware side but now a days I am working on the hardware of the robot I am finding it really cool working with resistors, diodes, soldering irons, solders, and stuff like that, but at the end of the day I am a software guy and meanwhile I will keep a close notice on the hardware but my real passion will always be soft wares….. hail software….


from today I had also started my html lessons ,it is a really cool language …..the main plus point of the html is that it is a very elegant and classy language.. it is a simple yet very effective language….


lots of things happens today ,,,,,

1. my first talk with s****

2. v**** came back to college…..

3. p****  and b**** are on the verge of being a good friend…

4. d****** is going out of my life…..

5. my lessons of patience is going forward day by day but very steadily…..

presently, it is 1.57 am in the might and I am going to sleep as I have analog electronics labs today……

so, good night…..

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