the world is falling apart…..

after all those nice and good blog post here comes  the blog post which proves the old adage,” nothing is permanent … everything is temporary”.

my good days just came to an end…. like ravan my empire just crashed with lots of misfortunes occurring on the same day….. in those events, two are the biggest and had influenced me a lot….

first is about the s*****… actually we don’t have a scene in each others life…. see the complete situation is as follows…. I am in 2nd year and she is also in 2nd year… but I saw her only 1 year later and the entire techfest thing is just about 5 days and I know it is not possible for anyone to fall in love in just 5 days…. it is impossible if you two are in talks with each other but we aren’t getting time to talk to each other… so nothing can happen and I should back off or I will get an entire new experience about girls and after that in our eyes we both will be a monster and bad ones , but that’s not they way… I know you agree to it as  it is  a good thing to fall apart happily and peacefully….. so that no one gets hurt emotionally……. we  talked about an hour and I fell for her but I don’t know what she feels for me….. I don’t know why always it happens with me only….. why I always fails in this….. I don’t know….. I really don’t know….. I think I am born to be unlucky with the girls…. even my close friends(sex=female) doesn’t stay with me for long……


second is not that important but it is an important one….. my grades gave decreased last semester and my thinking process and ideology is under lots of allegations and questions from everyone and even from mu closed ones….  in short my bad phase in life had just started again and again my pain and suffering had increased and I think I will never become a normal person….


from tommorrow it is final that I will be available to my friends and work only…. from tomorrow only work , work and work…… work is the only solution for my problems….. only doing work  is the cure….. my feelings are my weakness and my expectations from a person too……


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