last one week…..

last one week…. what was a week, it is hard to explain it in words…….  the last week was full of rush and there was a lot of feelings here and there around me and I was like trying very hard to understand what the hell was going here and there and why is everything so perfect this time…..

is s**** the one????  we are similar….. we are one hell a pair of misfits …… we both think a lot and we are just two kinda philosophers trying to analyse what the hell is going on here and there….. I and she have become good friends , I think so….. the relationship speed  of me and her is so fast that I am confused what is this and I believe she is confused also…it is really incomprehensible for us, we are chatting till 2 am every night , she wants to know about me and my life and she refuses to tell me about herself………

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