the war is on…..

finally , after several attempts of  compromising with the world, I have finally gave up my hope that everything will get normal. nothing is going to be normal. it is the time I have to start to fight to get what is mine, no matter who is my opponent. everyone who will come in my way, will be fucked by me. and whoever stands between me and my dreams have to go. it is time that I should begin to prepare my army. for that I have to enter into a group and take its command into my hand and for that I have to get out of my comfort zone, for which first time in my life, I am ready . yes, I am ready to step out of my comfort zone and stop thinking what others think of me. what matters is that, I go to sleep satisfied that I had got what , what I had set out to achieve that day.  I have tried my level best to make others happy at the cost of my happiness, but the question is do they deserve it? then my answer is no. they never deserved it , they do not disturb it and they will never deserve it. there are many a few people around me who are with me. they are with me completely. but the thing is they are very limited. I can count them on my fingers.

my objectives are clear ….

some basic outline is as follows:::

1. be with my cutie pie. I don’t want to loose her at any cost.

2. took my cgpa above 8.5 at any cost in the undergraduate level.

3. crack an exam to make sure that I am doing my mtech / ms  under  some really good minds and  will compete with the ones to whom I always wanted to compete. preferably :  gate , gre , vit  or bits-pilani.

4. always try to think creatively and out-of-the-box way.

5. try to build a persona which can give sunburn to anyone.

6. make me available to only those to whom I care about. for the rest of the world, I am out of their rich.

7. always think of any activity’s future consequence as I am going to spend most of my time there.. plus always keeping in mind that present is also as important as the future. fuck the past.

8. create my own army on which I can rely during tough times.

9. get in a respectable shape.

10. always make my own way out of any situation at any cost.

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