love(s) at first sight……

so it happens to everyone…… in their life , in their college , in their schools , in their workplaces , in their neighborhood……..


so , back to the point  , today at the class of autonomous robots, I saw a girl…. she was ok….. I think she was ok….. she was an intelligent girl… today , I realized brain  is the turn on thing for me……. for many looks are the turn on factor, for some eyes are the turn on, figures are for some…. but actually what are these turn on factors ….. I think turn on are the things which we have and what we search in our ideal partner… but it is completely wrong, we should go for someone who understands the feelings not the requirements…..


yes, back to the point….. today I met a girl and I completely fell for her…. she has normal looks but extremely attractive and expressive eyes and  I again don’t know why  I fell for her…. her name is s**** and she is from r******…. she is in electronics and telecommunication engg and I am in computer science engg….  I know nothing is going to happens….. as we both have only and only 5 classes remaining for the robotics and after that we have our annual techfest and once the event is done , we may hardly get anytime to see other as different branches means different complete ecosystem and different something something……

it would be fun what unfolds in these 5 days ….. my only wish is that we may become friends…. as lovers cant we be as I know she is in the world but she doesn’t know I exists… sometimes I hate that I am a spoilt boy and girls generally don’t like spoilt boys as , I think, girls like sincere boys with somewhat good looks but I don’t score much in any such areas…….



PS: she is now friends with my best friend a****… hope there is a fraandship card for me too but I am not as smart as my best friend…. I envy him for his smartness(sometimes)…..


techfests in a college….

everybody says college days are the best periods in one’s life… I agree with them… but which are the happiest periods in  those happy days….. according to me , those are  the days in which something is organized in the college and you are with your best buddies and enjoying it to the fullest, as after  engineering all the buddies goes to different places and to enjoy together becomes a difficult task for them, so it is our responsibility to enjoy it to the fullest….


techfests are also important to us…. during techfests ,, people enjoys even working in strange hours doing the projects they want to do to present in the techfests….. in any engineering college it is a common thing to find ambitious students working in strange hours doing things they found interesting…. so while in the techfest, every one learns something which are very usefuls in one’s life… these are the life’s lessons which are learnt in the college and how we learn these lessons determines our life course…..

in the techfest, people learn about the team work, patience, ability to accept the defeat and lots of things…… many stories begins and ends during these fests and most of the times, rarely these stories finds ends their endings…… many people’s real attitude comes out during these times and during the tough times in the techfest, generally, finds out who are their true friends and who were acting only…. during these times, people generally finds out their strengths and weakness…


techfests are the times in one’s life which are made to be enjoyed…….

in search of true self

people should do  what they like to do… not what the others want to do…. they should not do the things other do as that thing might not be the thing for them…. all people are made different and everyone’s journey is different and people should respect their journey….

these are the values which I had been taught to me at my home by my parents,,, but when I saw someone committing this type of mistake I feel sorry for them…… if the person is my friend , I advise them and tell them it is not the right thing to do, but when they doesnot pay heed to my pleas and suggestions, I used to get sad and frustated but with time I learnt to say them fuck u…


one of my friends is committing this mistake now a days and I am tired and had decided not to say anything to him but to remain silent and see what happens to him at the end…. in short he will be sort of my case study…. lets see, what this situation develops into…..



now , about me, I am just a person who has strong opinions about how things should be done, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like experimenting ,,,,, I like experimenting but I just don’t do experiment for the sake of experimentaion  but I do it because I like doing it…. for example: this is I think , is my 5th or 6th attempt to maintain a blog post…..